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Classes- Thief Tr

Conniving, cunning, and sinister, the Thief terrorizes the community by stealing pokemon. Thieves are usually found as grunts in the various criminal Teams that plague the different regions of the world. Theives can capture another trainer's pokemon by weakening it in battle. However, when a Thief loses a battle, he must hand over all of his stolen pokemon and Yen to the winning trainer.

Pokemon Thievery- Unlike the other classes, Thieves can steal other trainer's Pokemon by weakening them in battle and throwing a "Steal Ball" at them. When a Thief defeats an opponent he may take all their Yen and all their Pokemon. However, at any time a thief loses a battle they must hand over all of the Pokemon and Yen he stole to the victor. A thief can not steal a Pokemon from an opponent if when they have no other Pokemon on them.
Item theivery-Theifs can steal from local pokemarts.

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