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Post  Jedo on Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:39 pm

Classes- Breeder Brock_8

The Pokemon Breeder is one who loves and understands pokemon a great deal. They have great knowledge of pokemon behavior in general, and aim to create strong pokemon through good breeding.
The Breeder can breed pokemon without using the Daycare Center, and can cook their own special pokemon food.

- Breeder: Breeders can breed their male and female Pokemon without use of the day care. This only works for Pokemon that are in the Breeder's team of six.
- Pokemon Chef: Breeders can make their own blend of Pokemon food, but unlock more types of food to make as they gain more experience as breeders. This skill allows you to make Pokemon Bites which restore 5% Health. You can only make Pokemon Bites once a week.

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