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Post  Jedo on Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:06 am

First off, make sure a ref is available. You can not partake in a battle without a ref around. Here's an example Battle System using our classic example chararacters.

1) In the forum, you both agree on how many Pokemon (and how many Pokemon at one time, two at max), how much money you are gambling, if items are allowed. Depending on where your character is on the RPG, changes your environment and adds more strategies to the battles, in this case, these two trainers are in Viridian Forest in Kanto. The least you can bet is 50 Yen, and there is no maximum amount (so long as you can afford it).

Flamero: How about one Pokemon and 200 Yen?

Icero: Right-o! Are items okay?

Flamery: Yeah!

2) Get a ref.

Icero: Hey! Dragono, will you ref us?

Dragono: No.

Icero: ...

Flamero: Please?

Dragono: Okay.

3)Start the battle, with a move that the Pokemon (that you've caught) already knows. The Pokemon with the higher level goes first. Take turns. No one gets two turns in a row. (Except a certain move states so.)

Icero: Go, Wartortle (L30, Male)!

Flamero: Go, Ninetails (L32, Male)!

Flamero: Ninetails! Flame Thrower now!

Icero: Wartortle, move out of the way and use Water Gun!

4) Now this is where the ref comes in. The ref calculates damage depending on the level of your Pokemon, and the power of the attack in a fair and safe RP manner.

Dragono: Ninetails opens it's mouth and unleashing a burst of fire on Wartortle, as Wartortle attempts to dodge, the fire grazes him, it's not very effective. The water gun blasts it's way directly into Ninetails, sending it skidding backwards. It's Super Effective. (Ninetails: 60%, Wartortle: 95%)

6) Right now, Dragono is keeping score and stating rather or not an attack is successfully or not, and if it hurt bad or not much at all.

Flamero: Ninetails, confuse it with confuse ray!

Icero: Wartortle, stay focused and use water gun again!

Dragobo: Ninetails ray of confusion beams it's way towards Wartortle, hitting it on the dot. Wartortle tries to focus but fails and succumbs to confusion, and just as Wartortle was just about to use water gun, it punched it's self in the stomach. (Ninetails: 60%, Wartortle: 92%)

7) Confusion can last as long as the ref wants it to, but don't fret, the refs are fair. Also, there are other strategy elements to the game, such as using String Shot to entangle an opponent, and such as using the environment to your advantage.

Flamero: Ninetails, jump up into that tree, then jump down and aim a tackle at Wartortle!

Icero: Wartortle try to stay focused, don't let the confusion control you!

Dragobo: Ninetails jumps up into a nearby tree, and then jumps down directly towards Wartortle, tackling it hard with the added speed. Wartortle is sent flying, landing on it's back, although it has snapped out of it's confusion, it can't seem to get up. (Ninetails: 60%, Wartortle: 84%)

Icero: No! Wartortle!

Flamero: Alright! Ninetails! Jump up into a closer tree and tackle it again!

Icero: Wartortle, get up and tackle it back!

Dragobo: Ninetails jumps into a nearby tree, and then jumps down directly towards Wartortle, tackling it hard. The Wartortle is sent flying, spinning around on it's shell. It can't seem to get up to tackle. Soon it slams hard against another tree, snapping it in two. The top half of the tree falls forward, and lands on Ninetails. Ninetails is now paralyzed. (Ninetails: 24%, Wartortle: 76%)

Flamero: What the! No! Ninetails!

Flamero: Ninetails! Get up and use confuse ray!

Icero: Hehehe, Wartortle! Use the tree as leverage to roll over onto your stomach and get up, then use Surf!

Dragobo: Ninetails is paralyzed and can not attack. Wartortle manages to use the tree and leverage and roll over onto his stomach and jump to his feet. Immediately the turtle like creature blasts a water beam from it's mouth onto Ninetails, finishing it off. Ninetails loses conciousness. (Ninetails: 0%, Wartortle: 76%)

Flamero: Aww...

Icero: Hahaha! Yeaah!

You can also come up with your own restriction to the battle before starting, such as restricting the Pokemon to a certain type.

9) Not only can you have a two on two Pokemon battle, you can team up with a friend for a handicape two on two, or four on two, or even it up either way!

10) Every time your Pokemon knocks out another Pokemon it gains half that Pokemon's level in experience. For example, Wartortle beat Ninetails and Ninetails was at level 32. So Wartortle would gain 16 experience points.

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