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Post  Jedo on Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:05 am

Traveling from route to route, and to city to city takes a while. So here are some basic rules. First of all, you can not battle someone who is not in the same route or city as you. Also, you can't travel through all of one region in a single day! That's impossible! Sometimes traveling from city to city takes days, maybe even weeks. It all depends on rather if you have a map, really. That's why every trainer should be equipped with a PokeNav. Be realistic when traveling, and don't make it boring. You're free to battle other trainers you run into, or start some sort of mini-plot. For example; A group of Team Rocket members are causing mischeif... etc etc. Nothing too big though that involves saving the world. The staff will come up with plots like that you may participate in.

When traveling you can only travel to other areas that are in conjunction with the area you are currently in. In other words, you can travel from Viridian City to Route 2, and Route 2 to Viridian Forest but not Viridian Forest to Pallet Town. Each area has an exit, and you must travel to that exit in order to reach the next town or area. Some areas are blocked off and require certain Pokemon skills and HMs.

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