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Post  Jedo on Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:04 am

Catching Pokemon

When attempting to catch a Pokemon there are certain rules. For one you can only use up to three of your own Pokemon to catch it. On the forum, in the Wild Pokemon forum, state where you are (we don't want to have to look in your profile), and depending on what Route you are in. This basically tells us which Pokemon you may catch in that area. For example, you'll usually find bug Pokemon like Wurmple or Caterpie around forest routes, such as Viridian Forest. Once you have made a post, a ref will come by and state which Pokemon appeared.

After the ref has stated which wild Pokemon has appeared, you may send out only one Pokemon. State which moves you use and how. The ref will be basically playing as the Pokemon. You two will exchange attacks, and soon the Pokemon will be weak enough to be caught, now you can use a Pokeball. State which kind, as well as how hard you throw it, and where. You can not use a Pokemon until it is added to your profile.

For Refs: When replying to someone who is finding a Pokemon, be sure to include the level, Pokemon name, Gender, and Personality. Most Wild Pokemon are less experienced then trained Pokemon, so take it moderately hard on them.

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